Mildura Population 2024

Mildura population

Mildura is a regional city of Victoria with a population of over 90,000. It is the largest settlement in the Sunraysia region. Mildura is located 475 kilometers north west of Melbourne (Victoria’s state capital city), about half way between Adelaide and Melbourne. The city is famously known as a major horticultural centre notable for its grape production. It supplies 80% of Victoria’s grapes.

Based on our research Mildura population will reach 105,042 by the end of June of 2023. We use end of June each year due to Australia Bureau Statistics always follow Australia financial year when pushed the data. The calculation is based on the average growth rate of 9.88% over last 12 years since 2011. We believe using the recent years’ figures (see the table in next section) will make the estimation more accurate.

Population Growth of Mildura

Looking back last twelve years of Mildura’s population, the grow rate is very consistent and strong ranging from 6.09% to 15.43%, adding around 3,600 to 7,440 people each year to the overall population. Lot of workers was moving to Mildura to take advantage of employment opportunities there, which contributes to the population growth. Relatively cheaper living costs compared with Melbourne also attract people living here.

Year Population Growth rate
2011 31,000  n/a
2012 35,000  12.9%
2013 40,400  15.4%
2014 44,000 8.9%
2015 50,000 13.63%
2016 54,000 8%
2017 60,050 11.2%
2018 65,624 9.28%
2019 73,064 11.34%
2020 78,620 9.99%
2021 84,930 8.03%
2022 90,100 6.09%
2023 95,600 6.10%


Demographics of Mildura

According to Australia census, the top five country of birth (other than Australia for people in Mildura are: 1.5% England, 1.3% Italy, 1.0% New Zealand, 1.0% Turkey, 0.7% India. The top five languages (other than English) spoken in Mildura are: 2.2% Italian, 1.5% Turkish, 0.8% Greek, 0.4% Arabic, 0.4% Dari.

The religious makeup of Mildura is 24.1% Catholic, 23.7% No religion, 14.7% Anglican, 10.5% Religious affiliation not stated, 7.6% Uniting Church, 3.1% Presbyterian and Reformed, 2.6% Islam, 2.1% Christian, 1.9% Lutheran, 1.3% Pentecostal.

Population Density of Mildura

Mildura’s population density is 3 people per square kilometer, which is one of most populated regional cities in Victoria.

Occupations and Industries

The main occupations of people living in Mildura are 17.6% Professionals, 14.1% Technicians & trades workers, 12.6% Clerical & administrative workers, 12.4% Sales workers, 12.0% Labourers, 11.6% Managers, 11.0% Community & personal service workers, 6.6% Machinery operators & drivers, 2.1% Occupation inadequately described/ Not stated.

The main industries people from Mildura work in are 14.7% Retail trade, 13.4% Health care and social assistance, 9.0% Education and training, 8.6% Accommodation and food services, 7.3% Manufacturing, 6.3% Construction, 6.0% Public administration and safety, 5.2% Agriculture, forestry and fishing, 4.4% Transport, postal and warehousing.

Facts About Mildura

  1. Mildura is part of the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone, in which fruits or vegetables may not be taken into the area (they can, however, be taken out).
  2. Many Aboriginal people lived around the site of Mildura because of the abundant food.
  3. Key industries: Dryland farming, irrigated horticulture (table grapes, wine grapes, dried grapes, citrus and vegetables), tourism, food and beverage manufacturing, transport and logistics, retail, health and community services.
  4. The region’s climate is sunny all year around with mild winters and warm summers.
  5. A variety of eateries of a wide range of flavors can be experienced about Mildura’s Feastreet, situated on Langtree Avenue somewhere around seventh and eighth Streets.
  6. While the area along the stream and watering system channels is rich, a great part of the area around Mildura is likewise dry, saline and also semi-dry.
  7. The first wine grape varieties planted in Mildura included Mataro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gordo and Shiraz, planted in 1888. The first vintage was established in 1891.
  8. Mildura means ‘red earth’ in Latje Latje.


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